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Packing Tips for Fine Crystal and China
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When you need to pack up your fine crystal and china for storage, it's essential that you care for them properly to prevent pieces from shattering. Here are some valuable tips you can use to make sure that your china and crystal are packed properly before bringing them over to our storage facility.

Packing Glasses

  • Glasses should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and then taped shut.

  • Glasses should be packed tight enough to avoid shifting but not packed too tightly.

  • Boxes containing glasses should be put at the top of the pile of stacked boxes so that they aren't crushed.

Packing Plates and Bowls

  • Only stack a maximum of 6 plates or bowls at a time to avoid breaking the bottom dishes.

  • Fragile dishes should be first loosely wrapped in foam and then wrapped loosely once again with bubble wrap and taped shut.

Packing Teapots

  • Wrap the teapot lid first with foam or felt.

  • Wrap the teapot the same way and then place the lid upside down on top of the teapot.

  • Wrap the teapot/lid combination with bubble wrap and then tape it shut.

Pack with Care

Take the extra time to pack everything with care. When placing the china and crystal into the boxes, pretend you are carefully placing them on a table. Labelling individual items is a good idea so that you don't have to unwrap items to find something special later on. There is more chance of breakage when you have to unwrap and then rewrap a delicate item.

Make sure that all boxes are balanced and put newsprint or packing peanuts at the bottom and top of all boxes for extra protection. Don't forget to write "Fragile" on all boxes so that they will be handled properly during the transition.

For more tips on packing items for storage please visit our website at You can also call us if you have any questions you need answered at (416) 679-1000.

Packing Tips for Self Storage
packing tips for self storage

When it comes to packing up your possessions for storage, there are few general guidelines to note. Whether you have a unit for business or residential purposes these tips can reduce your stress, increase your efficiency as well as set you up for ongoing secure and easy access down the road.

Make Sure That You Have the Proper Packing Materials and Supplies

The last thing you want is to get into your packing flow only to realize that you forgot to pick up a few supplies. Items to consider are as many boxes as you think you’ll need (same sizes are best), tape, markers, mattress cover and packing material (e.g. bubble wrap, newsprint). Check out Storage Centre’s list of available supplies here.

Start Packing Up at Least Two Weeks in Advance

Making sure you aren’t rushed will not only reduce stress but it will give you additional time to make sure you have everything packed away in a secure and orderly fashion. The extra preparation time will also allow you to double check your items list and ensure that nothing gets forgotten.

Best Practices for Packing Boxes

Using uniform and similar sized boxes will make stacking inside your unit easier as you may want to build upwards to make the best use of your storage space. Stacking can then be made even easier by not overfilling or underfilling each box. Once each box is filled make sure to A) seal it up with packing tape, so no dust gets in and then B) label it so you don’t have to rip off the tape you just used to figure out what’s inside. For boxes with too many items to list on the side, try labeling the box with a number “1” and then correlate it to a more detailed list of the same number either stored on paper or your phone. Finally, for boxes with glass or breakables you may want to label as “FRAGILE” in case you have a friend or mover helping you who may not know to take extra care of specific boxes.

Do Not Pack Anything Combustible

Combustible items may include paint thinner, gasoline, solvents, insecticides etc. If you aren’t sure what is combustible carefully read the label of the items you are putting away and look for any W.H.M.I.S. safety and compliance wording and symbols. If you still aren’t sure, please check-in with one of Storage Centre’s associates and we’ll be happy to help out.