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Need help finding a quality mover?

Whether you’re new to the area or a seasoned local from the neighbourhood, if you’re looking for a moving company recommendation you should consider talking to your self storage provider. At Storage Centre we are always communicating and growing with our customers  from start to finish and throughout the years we have developed an unbiased list of the best-reviewed, go-to moving companies in the area. At the end of the day, whether you take on the move yourself or hire a moving company, your strategy is entirely up to you and what’s best for your situation. However, if you decide to hire, here are some potential benefits in doing so.

It Saves Time

Let’s face it, moving can often be stressful, inconvenient and even unplanned. If you’re looking to save time during the process, hiring an experienced team of movers makes the process quicker and easier to plan around your busy schedule.

Protects Belongings

Professional movers have the experience, equipment and proper materials to pack, store and move large and fragile items safely. An additional benefit is that most movers provide insurance of your goods so in the event that something does break, the cost of replacement is covered.

Avoids Heavy Lifting and Risk of Personal Injury

In the midst of an already often hectic move a muscle strain can really set you back. Moving large, clunky furniture such as a couch or a dining table is not only heavy and potentially dangerous, moving them also requires a team of people with experience and good communication. There are times where it’s better to be safe than to be sorry and this may be one of them, so why not leave it to a crew who has done this many times before?

If you decide that movers are the right decision for you, feel free to reach out and speak to one of our experts directly @ (416) 679-1000 for options and recommendations. For you do-it-yourself movers out there, we have you covered as well. Storage Centre’s location offers a vast array of dollies, pump-trucks, an easily accessible loading dock and onsite U-Haul rentals. Additionally, our blog section has a wealth of information covering tips and tricks ranging from properly packing breakables, to moving couches and everything in between. Our blog section can be found HERE.

School’s Out! Help Your Move with the Rental of a Self Storage Unit
Self Storage Etobicoke @ Storage Centre

Self Storage Etobicoke @ Storage Centre

A storage unit can take all of the stress out of moving home for the summer. Instead of transporting everything a long distance, it can all be stored near your campus at Storage Centre. Whether you’re moving in with Mom and Dad for the summer, going to another city for an internship, or are studying abroad, a self storage unit can make the move out of your space easy and stress-free! Storage Centre offers a variety of unit sizes and features, and finding a storage unit that best suits your needs is a breeze at:

Moving Back Home for the Summer?

If you’re needing just a little extra space to store your seasonal wardrobe, futon, and mini fridge, a 5×10 unit will give you the extra square footage to store your college essentials while living back home.

Self Storage Etobicoke @ Storage Centre 5X10'

Self Storage Etobicoke @ Storage Centre 5X10'

Going Abroad for the Summer?

Make the transition out of the dorms easy by renting a storage unit for your college possessions during your trip. At Storage Centre all our units are on the ground floor and easily accessible to allow you to save as much time as possible.

Storage Tips to Consider When Moving out of the Dorms:

  • Unit Size: It’s important to take a quick inventory of everything you will need to put into storage while you are under your parent’s roof or away for the summer. By making a quick checklist of everything you will need to store, you can ensure you get the correct size of storage unit and will not be paying for more space than you need. Need help figuring out what size unit to rent?  Check out our blog for tips!

  • Climate-Controlled Units: This amenity will keep your unit between 55–85°F year-round and the humidity level will be regulated. Many items can be damaged by extreme heat and humidity, such as fabrics, wood furniture, electronics, and books.

  • Short-Term Rental Agreement: Storage Centre only charges you for the time you need storage. All our leases are billed on a 4 week cycle with no long term commitment.

  • Student Discounts: Talk to one of our Storage experts to help you take advantage of your first 8 weeks free rent.

  • Common college items that are easier to keep in self storage than move home:

    • Winter clothing

    • Television or stereo

    • Other furniture

    • Desks

    • Bean bags

    • Bicycles

    • Mini fridges

    • Futons

Aside from the convenience factor, using a storage unit can often be the most affordable solution for moving home after the school year. Some students may have too many belongings to fit in their car and would need a moving truck in order to get everything home. A 5×5 storage unit can be rented for as little as $79/4wks, making it a much more affordable solution than a moving truck rental.

Don’t let stuff stand in the way of celebrating the end of finals week and a summer of fun. Rent a storage unit near campus to make moving out of your dorm simple, and start your summer off in stress-free style.

Finding a storage unit to suit your needs is easy! Go to and reserve a unit online in minutes.