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Safe Moving Tips

Moving is an emotionally draining experience but it can take a toll on you physically as well. By creating a safe moving environment and following certain guidelines not only will you help prevent injuries but you will protect your belongings as well. Even if you hire professional movers, safety-proofing should be prioritized.

Wrapping Breakables

If you have dishes, ceramics or glass belongings it’s best to wrap them carefully in bubble wrap before packing them away. Bubble wrap will help prevent your items from breaking into shards which could cause cuts and sharp particles from covering the floor of your home, truck or storage unit. Utilize moving blankets to wrap furniture and or Televisions- Storage Centre has bubble wrap and moving blankets as well as other moving and packing supplies available.

Packing Boxes

Be conscious of the weight and size of each box. If it’s difficult to lift or awkward to grab ahold of it may be best to place your items into a smaller box. 50 lbs is generally a good max weight to aim for but it’s ultimately up to you. Keep in mind that you may be carrying these boxes up and down stairs and in tight areas so make sure to consider this when figuring out your max weight. A good rule to remember is “the heavier the item, the smaller the box”.

Lifting Techniques

It’s important to squat down and let your lower body do the lifting because your back is not nearly as strong as your quad and gluteal muscles. Backs are also more prone to injury by becoming twisted or pulled. Keeping your back straight while lifting will make sure the vertebrae in your spine are properly aligned taking less pressure off of your disks and improving overall safety.

Using Dollies

If your items don’t require being lifted switch them over to a dollie (also available to rent at Storage Centre). This will allow you to conserve energy by transferring multiple items at once as well as giving your back a break. Keeping your goods close to the ground will also decrease the likeliness of items being damaged or dropping on your toes if they were to fall off the cart.

Proper Lighting

Trying to organize your storage in the dark is both annoying and dangerous. Make sure each room is brightly lit with each box clearly labelled. Have a flashlight or cellphone handy just in case you find it dark in your house or truck. Things tend to get messy during a move so by having each room well lit you will be able to see any tripping hazards such as shrink wrap or loose cords.

Driving Safely

Moving often requires renting Large Trucks or Vans, and these often are vehicles that you may not be familiar with. Important things to remember:

  1. Drive slowly, these vehicles tend to be heavier than you’re used to and may require more breaking time.

  2. Pack your items in the truck snuggly so that they do not move around while you’re driving.

  3. When packing a small truck or van (or your own vehicle) do not obscure your line of sight.

4 Tips to Keep Your Storage Unit Safe and Secure
Storage Centre - Self Storage Etobicoke / Toronto

Storage Centre - Self Storage Etobicoke / Toronto

When it's time to put some of your belongings into a storage unit, you'll want to be sure that they are kept safe and sound. We have put together some tips that you’ll find listed below to help keep the unit contents protected.

1. Choose a Reputable Storage Facility

Make sure that you choose a reputable facility for your storage before signing any type of contract. Go and see the site for yourself and ask questions regarding the security features they provide. When you visit the facility look for a well-maintained and clean building, 24 hour surveillance cameras and friendly, helpful service.

2. Storage Insurance

Anyone that is storing their possessions on-site must have insurance if it's not already adequately covered by their renters’ or homeowners’ insurance policies. At Storage Centre we offer this type of insurance from reliable companies and the payments are simply added to your rental charges.

3. High-Quality Lock

We recommend purchasing a high quality lock for your unit. We offer a wide range of high quality proven brands on-site. Check here for full list of moving and packing supplies available at Storage Centre.

4. Minimize Damage

Using a pallet or a skid keeps your belongings off the floor and out of harm's way. Make sure that your items are well-covered in plastic or cloth sheets to keep them protected from dust. To minimize the risk of damage from falling boxes, choose boxes that are the same size so they are easy to stack, don’t set them too high and use shelving units to help keep them organized.

Check on your belongings regularly to make sure that everything is fine and if you have any questions while you're here be sure to ask one of our helpful employees. We do everything we can to make sure that your precious belongings are kept safe and sound and we can provide you with any of the supplies you may need. Learn more about our self-storage units and our rental fees by visiting today or by calling 416-679-1000