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How to Move and Store a Couch
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The most common and fearsome to move furniture piece of all time might just be the dreaded couch! Couches can be found in homes all across the country in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes and when used correctly, can add a lot of depth, unity and comfort to a room. However, the dreaded couch can rarely be moved alone, is a pain to navigate through doorways and becomes even trickier to move when stairs are involved. For many, the thought alone of moving one can flood the mind with knuckle scraping, floor scratching, back-breaking memories. Let’s face it, the classic couch move will never be a feel-good time, and not all drawbacks can be avoided. However, the process can certainly be made safer, simpler and more comfortable with a few techniques. So no matter how long you may need to store your couch, keep the following quick tips in mind.

Clean Your Furniture Prior to Moving

An excellent way to start things off is by cleaning your couch. Through vacuuming and removing the cushions (where possible) not only might you find some loose change laying around, you’ll also get to know its parts and construction a bit better which might provide you with some ideas on how to better preserve your couch while in storage. Closer inspection may also give you an idea of how heavy it is, and you may even notice that the legs screw off which might add an extra inch or two when removed to help through by those pesky doorways!

Make a Moving Plan

After the clean, you should now have a clearer picture as to the best strategy for a move. Whether you end up hiring a professional mover, recruit a friend or even get some of those simple furniture sliders and get this thing to the front of your place all by yourself, the extra time you spend thinking out each scenario will go a long way. Measure the doorways, measure what your couch would look like without the legs and cushions, measure its length if it were turned on its side. Thinking out these details in advance will not only minimize the amount of time and effort spent, but it will also reduce the time spent lifting and stress on your back while attempting ideas that aren't feasible.

Wrap and Protect Your Couch

Now that you’ve got a game plan in place and your couch is clean make sure you wrap up any loose cushions or parts that could scrap the walls or doorways on the way out. Using items like shrink wrap or drop clothes is a good practice. Covering your couch in old sheets or drop clothes will not only help on the way to storage but also while placed in a self-storage unit.

Make Sure You Have the Proper Storage Unit

When selecting the proper unit for your couch, there are a few things to consider. You’ll want to make sure there is enough to space for the couch to breathe and be moved in and out freely as you don’t want to pile up a bunch of other boxes and furniture on top and end up damaging your couch. Depending on your geographic location, you may also want to consider a facility with heated units available as couches are best designed to last in our living rooms – not in our garages, sheds or other outdoor environments. If you have any questions on what size might be best for your needs or what options are available, please call Storage Centre at (416) 679-1000, and one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members will help you out.