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Packing Tips for Fine Crystal and China
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When you need to pack up your fine crystal and china for storage, it's essential that you care for them properly to prevent pieces from shattering. Here are some valuable tips you can use to make sure that your china and crystal are packed properly before bringing them over to our storage facility.

Packing Glasses

  • Glasses should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and then taped shut.

  • Glasses should be packed tight enough to avoid shifting but not packed too tightly.

  • Boxes containing glasses should be put at the top of the pile of stacked boxes so that they aren't crushed.

Packing Plates and Bowls

  • Only stack a maximum of 6 plates or bowls at a time to avoid breaking the bottom dishes.

  • Fragile dishes should be first loosely wrapped in foam and then wrapped loosely once again with bubble wrap and taped shut.

Packing Teapots

  • Wrap the teapot lid first with foam or felt.

  • Wrap the teapot the same way and then place the lid upside down on top of the teapot.

  • Wrap the teapot/lid combination with bubble wrap and then tape it shut.

Pack with Care

Take the extra time to pack everything with care. When placing the china and crystal into the boxes, pretend you are carefully placing them on a table. Labelling individual items is a good idea so that you don't have to unwrap items to find something special later on. There is more chance of breakage when you have to unwrap and then rewrap a delicate item.

Make sure that all boxes are balanced and put newsprint or packing peanuts at the bottom and top of all boxes for extra protection. Don't forget to write "Fragile" on all boxes so that they will be handled properly during the transition.

For more tips on packing items for storage please visit our website at You can also call us if you have any questions you need answered at (416) 679-1000.