Although many businesses across Ontario are starting to reopen, numerous employees may continue to work from home in order to abide by the social distancing guidelines at their usual office. And in some cases, employees may not go back to the office at all. 

Recently, Canadian online retailer Shopify announced that, “Employees will continue to work from home even after the novel coronavirus pandemic ends”. With these probabilities on the horizon it’s looking likely that more and more people will be working remotely. If you are currently working from home or believe you might be in the future, we’ve compiled some ways you can improve your success as a remote worker.

Create a Dedicated Home Office Space

It can be difficult to create the ideal, separate home office space but doing so will improve your frame of mind and ability to work effectively. A separate area will help prevent work and home from bleeding together during the day as well as make it easier to shift out of “work mode” when the evening arrives.

Get the Most Out of Your Home Office

A good goal is to try and recreate the setup you had at your place of work which will help make the transition easier. To do this start by decluttering and organizing your new dedicated space. If you have any excess non-work related items, place or store them elsewhere to prevent distractions. Decluttering and optimizing your setup will help with your professional mindset and will also make a great impression with your colleagues over Zoom!

Take Advantage of Your Perks

Adjusting to working remotely does have its share of challenges but remember there are some great benefits as well.  The square footage of your home office is considered a business expense which you can claim come tax time. In fact, any additional space you require to setup your home office, such as self storage can be claimed as well (*note, we always recommend speaking with your tax professional before making any tax decisions*)

Whether you’re looking to make the most out of your space, creating a new office room entirely, or utilizing the perks of remote work, Self Storage can assist all three. Our latest offers include 8 weeks of free storage, greatly reduced pricing on 10×12’s and discounts of up to 20% on your first 3 payments on almost all other units.

Get the most out of working from home by visiting for complete details on available rental units.

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