For over half a year now, Covid-19 has been affecting our lives; more and more people are feeling isolated and stressed out as we adapt to our new lifestyles and the different stages put in place by Ontario to best keep us safe. With all these challenging adaptations it’s no wonder our mental health is starting to suffer. So in honour of this months ‘Movember’ and mental health week having just passed us, here are a few ways Self Storage can improve your mood.

Increase Your Focus by Eliminating Distractions

Due to the increase of working and schooling from home both personal and physical space are more limited than ever, with distractions being at an all time high. If your office space or living area has become cluttered with things you don’t use on a daily basis or perhaps don’t need at all, consider using Self Storage to help free up your space and clear your mind. Items such as clothing, sports equipment and other seasonal belongings make for a great starting point!

Less Stress with Less Stuff

It has been said that the state of your home often reflects your mental state, so if your home feels cluttered and unorganized the chances are you could be feeling that way, too. A simple way to start freeing up your environment is to take a look around your space and make a simple list of “keep”, “store” and “donate”. If an item is causing more clutter than joy consider adding to one of the latter categories. Once your list and sorting is complete, you’ll be on your way to feeling less stress with less stuff in no time.

Allow More Time for Yourself

Getting rid of clutter in your home will allow you more time and space to yourself now that you are no longer reorganizing and cleaning the problem area over and over again. Once your belongings are sorted and placed in storage you can enjoy the peace of mind it will bring you for months to come now that you have less clutter, more space around you and more time for yourself.

3 simple ideas for not so simple times can go a long way to improve your mood. If you decide to use self-storage to free up your physical and mental space, rest assured that Storage Centre is following all the latest Covid-19 safety protocols in regards to sanitization, social distancing, contact tracing and mask-wearing. Should you desire to rent a unit using a contactless experience, all bookings can now be made entirely online at

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