lock on a storage unit.

When it’s time to put some of your belongings into a storage unit, you’ll want to be sure that they are kept safe and sound. We have put together some tips that you’ll find listed below to help keep the unit contents protected.

Choose a Reputable Storage Facility

Make sure that you choose a reputable facility for your storage before signing any type of contract. Go and see the site for yourself and ask questions regarding the security features they provide. When you visit the facility look for a well-maintained and clean building, 24 hour surveillance cameras and friendly, helpful service.

Storage Insurance

Anyone that is storing their possessions on-site must have insurance if it’s not already adequately covered by their renters’ or homeowners’ insurance policies. At Storage Centre we offer this type of insurance from reliable companies and the payments are simply added to your rental charges.

High-Quality Lock

We recommend purchasing a high quality lock for your unit. We offer a wide range of high quality proven brands on-site. Check here for full list of moving and packing supplies available at Storage Centre.

Minimize Damage

Using a pallet or a skid keeps your belongings off the floor and out of harm’s way. Make sure that your items are well-covered in plastic or cloth sheets to keep them protected from dust. To minimize the risk of damage from falling boxes, choose boxes that are the same size so they are easy to stack, don’t set them too high and use shelving units to help keep them organized. Check on your belongings regularly to make sure that everything is fine and if you have any questions while you’re here be sure to ask one of our helpful employees. We do everything we can to make sure that your precious belongings are kept safe and sound and we can provide you with any of the supplies you may need. Learn more about our self-storage units and our rental fees by visiting storage-centre.ca today or by calling 416-679-1000
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